EGGPIE B&B is approximately 1½ miles from the village of Sevenoaks Weald, and just under 2 miles from Hildenborough Station, and is only accessible by car, walking or cycling.

There are no bus routes.

Parking for up to six cars is on a flat tarmac driveway. Access from parking to front door is on an old brick path  – a little uneven – and the distance from parking to the front door is approximately twenty eight yards.

There are three bedrooms available at the farmhouse. Bedroom 1  (the Orr – Ewing room) is a self-contained carpeted bedroom with basin and shaving point. One double bed (4’6”) and 2’8”high. There is also a separate comfortable single futon.

The bedroom has an adjoining bathroom and WC with tiled floor, basin, mirrored cupboard, shaving point, bath, glass hinged bath / shower screen, shower in wall holder – but with a removable shower hose too.  Toilet seat height is 1’6” from the floor.

The bath does not have ‘grab handles.’

Bedroom 2 (Jasmine Bligh room) – carpeted with one double bed (4’ 6”) – bed height 2’ – is close to the Orr-Ewing room (just across a small landing) it has a basin – height 3’- and shares the bathroom with Bedroom 1 – this room is only available to friends / relatives staying in Bedroom 1.

Access to bedrooms 1 and 2 are by way of ten carpeted risers (7” high). Distance on stairs  – with hand – rail on the left as you climb – is approximately ten feet from the ground floor to first floor. Stairs width is 2’6”.

Bedroom 3 (Helen Reddy Room) is usually available when Bedroom 1 and 2 are full.  It has a wood planked stained floor, with en-suite WC, basin, and a shower in a cubicle – with shower in wall holder and also a removable shower hose.

Access to Bedroom 3 is by way of twelve carpeted risers (each 71/2” high). There is a hand – rail for two thirds of the distance on the right as you climb and some stair bars on the right for the final 1/3rd..  Stairs width is 2’ 2”.

The guest lounge has an old stone floor. Breakfast is served in the Inglenook Hall, which is carpeted.  Table height is 2’5”. The guests lounge and breakfast area are on the ground floor – but with low beams.  Both areas are in the older part of the house dating from 1580 and close to the front door.

The front door (narrow and historically listed) width 2’1” leads into the Inglenook Hall.  There is a small step 2” from path into the house through the front door.